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Anne Bayati provides Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, & Hypnobirthing in one on one sessions or via Skype. Covering the Kent and Sussex, including Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.
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Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind. You slip in and out of trance-like states throughout the day, for example, when you daydream, read a book or when you are at your most relaxed and comfortable. Have you ever driven the same journey many times and when you arrive at your destination, you can’t remember the actual journey you have taken? This is because your conscious mind has taken a backseat for a while and the subconscious/inner mind is in control. This is a completely normal and natural occurrence.


You can also induce hypnosis either by yourself through listening to guided scripts/downloads or through a hypnotherapist, in which both the conscious and unconscious mind may become more suggestible and therefore more open to influence and subsequent change.


During hypnosis, even though you feel relaxed and in a daydream state, your inner mind concentrates more and is acutely aware of the suggestions/ideas being given to it.


Hypnotherapy is the use of various techniques during hypnosis to reach the core of an issue and to find solutions to that issue which the conscious mind has been unable to deal with and of which are affecting a person’s life in some way. This is where each session is tailor made to that individual as the techniques used for one person may be very different to another depending on the issue and the person.


One of the huge advantages of hypnotherapy is that you can usually get to the root of a problem and sort it out very quickly in order for the person to live a happier, positive and more fulfilled life. Having said this, most people do not choose hypnotherapy as their first line of treatment due to possible misconceptions. I believe for most there is a fear behind the possibility of losing control during hypnosis or opening up secrets within which have long since been buried. These are common thoughts and worries to have. However, if you look at my Quelling the Myths page all these questions are answered.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help everyone, men, women and children with any personal, emotional or habitual issue.


Here are just some of the thoughts of my clients who have kindly given their feedback

Learn how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can change and improve your life!