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The Mind: Going Back To Basics

Have you ever thought about how your mind works? I hadn’t before I did my Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy training. It opened my eyes up to its capabilities and how it is the hub of our being. The impact of the mind on the body has been well documented and it is becoming far more recognised that if the mind is not in a good place then the body will tend to follow.

Not only can the power of mind affect our bodies, it can also affect the way we feel and subsequently behave…

Just imagine for a moment that your mind is like an iceberg, with the tip, the smaller part showing above the water representing your conscious mind. This is where all your rational, analytical thoughts take place. Can be a busy place, with 6 or 7 thoughts whizzing around at any point in time! Those who cannot easily fall asleep at night will often find that it is their ‘chattery’ conscious mind which doesn’t slow down which inevitably stops them from switching off, especially if they have lots going in their life at that time. This can be all of us at some point as life seems to speed along as if we are on a treadmill, with sometimes many obstacles in our path to deal with.

Now, let’s look under the water at the larger part of the iceberg, the subconscious, which is hidden from view and quite often not thought about much, even though this is the most powerful part of your mind. It is 90% of your thinking power. This is where every event, memory, feeling, emotion, good or bad is stored, a bit like a reference library. Even as far back as in the womb and through into adulthood, you are continually experiencing feelings and emotions, events and memories which get stored on those shelves in your own personal library. So if, for example, a person has many positive experiences, feelings and happy memories..…if you take a look in their reference library there would be lots of positive books sitting on those shelves. Alternatively, look at the books on the shelf of a person who has not had such a great time and their’s would look very different. Bear in mind that the ‘event’ does not always have to be a traumatic memory; it could be something as simple as watching a TV programme as a child which left a negative imprint on your subconscious mind.

So how does everything which is stored in your subconscious mind have an impact on your everyday thoughts and feelings? Well, at the heart of all this is your belief system; think of your belief system as an inner librarian within that reference library of yours. Whenever you have a thought within your conscious mind, your belief system, the librarian, will retrieve the relevant feeling, emotion, event, memory attached to that thought which will subsequently make you behave accordingly. It could make you feel stressed, anxious or frightened for example. A belief is what you think to be true and you will subsequently act as if it is true and reinforce it.

For example, if a person is frightened of dogs, had to cross the street every time he saw one to avoid it, could feel the panic rising, his stress response being triggered when seeing one then that is because his thoughts have made him feel and subsequently behave in a certain way. His inner belief system had retrieved the relevant feelings, emotions, memories or experiences within his subconscious mind related to dogs which triggered the feelings of anxiety and the need to avoid them. People will always try to avoid the things which causes negative feelings and behaviours but the subconscious mind has a way of bringing them back to the one thing they are trying to avoid.

A fear of dogs is just one example. With any issue, there will be some inner core beliefs which is making that person think, feel and then behave accordingly.

So, it is not the negative past events or memories which is causing you the problems; it is the EMOTIONALLY CHARGED BELIEFS behind them which can affect you. Using the past to change the belief system is an aspect of the work I do through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, along with many other techniques and approaches, to change your inner belief system.

Hope you found it an interesting read!

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