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Why All Small Businesses Should Go for Business Awards

When I first heard I had been nominated for the Health and Beauty Awards 2019, after having got over my surprise, my first thoughts were how was I going to find the time to complete the application form alongside the everyday demands of running my own business? With no other staff to delegate to, I knew it was all down to me and with all the hats I already wear, what would another one matter!!

I could quite easily have turned down the nomination there and then but I felt that this was an opportunity for some self development as I often fail to take the time to acknowledge the good work I have done and realise that there have been times where my own mindset has prevented me from pushing my business forward. With this in mind, I undertook this task as one which would boost my self belief and confidence.

So how did I manage to complete the application in between running my business? I started to think about it and jot ideas down long before it was due in. Not only did this make it easier for me when it came to writing it, but it also made me realise how much I had accomplished within my work. Again, another personal boost!! Allocating a block of time to finally complete it ensured it got done!

Some tips I have learnt along the way

  • Plan and give yourself enough time – completing an application such as this takes time and cannot be rushed.
  • Make sure you use the full word count – putting just a few sentences will not give the judges enough to base their judgements on and will show that you haven’t put enough time and energy into it. This will give the impression that the award is not important to you
  • Provide supporting documentation – by including client testimonials, this gives the judges first hand accounts of you, your customer service, your product or service etc
  • Finally, and most important of all in my view, be authentic – I wanted the passion I have for my work to come across and for the judges to get a glimpse into the real me, what I find tough as a business owner, what I have had to learn etc.

I am always so busy working in my business that I often fail to appreciate what I have accomplished. Getting the recognition through these awards, which is a celebration of small businesses, has made me reflect on my achievements and what a difference I have made and continue to make to people’s lives.

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