Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy | Young People
Anne Bayati provides Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, & Hypnobirthing in one on one sessions or via Skype. Covering the Kent and Sussex, including Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.
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It is evident today that our young people have far more pressures and stresses than years ago, with the impact of social media playing an often negative part. School pressures and the need to perform well can add to this as well as bullying, family issues and sexuality to name but a few.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Self-harm
  • Performance (exam) stress – 11+/GCSE/A level
  • School and Virtual Bullying
  • Sexual Identity
  • And More…
Learn how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can change and improve your life!